Accounting Services

Aside from the traditional financial statement services we can be engaged to provide:

Management consulting

* Reinforce planning process to manage risk, to create realistic goals, and to increase profits/market share
* Facilitate management decisions by evaluating the effects of proposed plans
* Increase efficiency and improve use of resources by analyzing operations and suggesting changes to business structure

Personal financial planning services

* Give personal financial planning advice, including help with financing a child’s education, buying a new home, estate and retirement planning
* Help clients to secure loans and credit
* Develop plans for savings and investments growth
* Evaluate future income and expenses

Tax advisory services

* Plan short-term and long-term goals to lower tax liabilities
* Ensure client compliance with tax laws
* Reduce the effect of estate and inheritance taxes by providing retirement and estate planning advice
* Preparing tax returns
* Assisting with tax problems and representing clients before government agencies